What is it?

Investigative torture/Pre-trial detention?

Both are routine practices in over 100 countries.

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What is the Plan?

IBJ's 12 year plan!

IBJ's 12 year plan to end torture and ensure due process rights is realistic and achievable.

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How can I help?

Get involved and make a difference.

Ending investigative torture and implementing due process rights requires the help of dedicated people.

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IBJ Videos

These videos capture the essence of IBJ: our mission, our roots, our impact.
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Karen Tse talk at TED conference
Burundi: Boys Behind Bars -"Unreported World"
Peter Gabriel introduces IBJ



IBJ is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 JusticeMakers HIV/AIDS Global Competition, awarding 12 $5000 fellowships to individuals spanning 10 countries and 4 continents . Click the link below to read more about the inspirational fellows and their projects.

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These two articles, one authored by IBJ's CEO Karen Tse and another by The Economist's Business Correspondent Kenneth Cukier, explain the values, origins and strategies underlying IBJ's unique social entrepreneurial approach for more than ten years.

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IBJ is a global community of concerned individuals from every walk of life, working together in different ways to ensure due process rights, eliminate investigative torture and pre-trial detention. Join our community today.

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These are a small sampling of the thousands of cases undertaken by IBJ lawyers. Each illustrates the profound difference that IBJ makes in real lives, and also the sadly common circumstances in which millions of people fall each year. Changing those circumstances is what IBJ is about.

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Legal practitioners, defenders and others looking to directly access IBJ's library of legal education, draft curricula, defense wiki, legal templates, scorecards and other materials, please click here to proceed to IBJ's Legal Training Resource Center.
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