IBJ’s mission is one of hope and belief in the spirit of every human being, everywhere, regardless of circumstances.

The following are among the many ways you can partner with IBJ to help eradicate torture and ensure due process rights for all. We welcome your passion, your curiosity, your energy and your ideas!

Assist us with funding

We have many programs and activities in need of support, to scale their impact. Let us know your investment priorities and we can let you know what difference your funding will make.

Mentor, train, advise or create a community of conscience

Criminal defense training is far from a universal concept in most developing countries. Many laws that uphold basic rights are relatively new; academics, criminal justice partners and legal practitioners have not yet developed and implemented procedures that apply and protect these rights.

To address this development and implementation, IBJ creates empowerment and cultural exchange programs called Communities of Conscience. These Communities enable defense lawyers in North America and Europe and legal aid lawyers in developing countries to exchange best practices and skills.

Typically, selected defenders travel to a North American or European location for an intensive training program that comprises on-site visits to public defender or legal aid offices, detention centers, courthouses and law firms and also offers practical skills training in legal skills vital for effective practice. These exchanges create a network of skilled practitioners and mentors, who offer guidance, awareness and support for the role of defenders worldwide. The participants return to their legal communities to operate as leaders and trainers.

Contact us at internationalbridges@ibj.org for more information.

Conduct Research for DefenseWiki

Law students/professors/experienced criminal defense practitioners and others can share their knowledge on our DefenseWiki website in order to create a valuable online resource for criminal defense lawyers in developing countries. Contact us defensewiki@ibj.org for more information.

Intern / Volunteer with Country Programs or JMs

We have numerous possibilities to volunteer in our headquarters office in Geneva as well as on site at one of our six country programs. Applications for summer internships must be sent before January 31st of the year in question. Applications for internships during other periods are accepted all year long. For examples of the kind of internship and volunteer opportunities available, please download the following file: IBJ-Internship-Opportunities. To apply for an internship, please send a CV and cover letter explaining where and why you want to volunteer for us, and for how long you would be available, to internationalbridges@ibj.org

Develop eLearning content

Law students/professors/experienced criminal defense practitioners and other interested professionals can help to develop materials for our eLearning Program that offers defense lawyers both general instruction as well as more advanced practice courses in criminal defense. Contact us at elearning@ibj.org for more information.


IBJ needs help with translation of its publications, from blog posts to legal training curricula, especially in the following languages: Spanish-French-Chinese-Arabic-Russian.

Contact us at translators@ibj.org for more information.

Host a Defender party

If your time is limited but your network strong, you might want to host a ‘Defender Party’ and show the TED video, distribute IBJ information, and get people talking about what all of us can do, working together, to end torture as an investigative tool!

Contact us at internationalbridges@ibj.org for more information.