Chapter Activities

As a Justice Advocate, there are several activities you can undertake under the IBJ Youth Initiative. Whichever activities you choose, your contribution is crucial in the fight for access to justice:

Fundraise for IBJ

Are you passionate about access to justice and want to help spread the message about the need for better human rights safeguards in justice systems? Support lawyers working at the front-line of preventing abuses by raising funds through a sponsored charity run, a formal event, a charity auction, or a student variety show. Remember, your primary goal is to get others interested in access to justice and to raise awareness about IBJ’s work and mission.

Form a Club/Society

What better way of raising legal rights awareness than founding a new society on your campus? You can host debates about human rights, access to justice, and prison conditions throughout the world. These can be complemented by fundraising events to have a wider impact.


Online platforms help people learn more about what we doing while raising funds for a good cause. For more information on how to kick start a CrowdRise campaign for IBJ, go to:

(Online) petition

Create your own (online) petition to bring attention to a particular issue related to access to justice. Creating momentum for your chosen topic can bring both awareness and action. For example platforms of online petitions, go to:

Conduct Legal Research (University level)

Do you want to hone your research skills, learn more about national legal frameworks, and see your work published on a globally recognized platform?

IBJ is always looking for social science and law students to contribute to the Criminal Defense Wiki, an online platform specifying national legal procedures. Inform IBJ which country want to research, upon completion, IBJ will review the content before publishing it online.

Sponsored Walk

Explain why you are doing a sponsored walk to possible sponsors. In this case, it would be for a certain theme of IBJ or just a normal fundraising for IBJ’s activities. Then, you can ask someone (family, friend, company, organisation etc.) to sponsor you, for example 3 laps equals $5.

Sponsored Silence

This is a fundraising method where you have to be silent for a certain amount of hours to be receive donations. The idea is that you will have a piece of paper stating why you’re doing this and the sponsors have to sign this document if they agree. Beware, if you don’t live up to the agreement, they are not obliged to provide you with the funds!

Letter writing campaign

The idea of a letter writing campaign is to reach out to the global leaders of the world, important figures within your community, and other influential persons. In this letter you explain why you are supporting IBJ and why they should do something about the millions of people across the world who are waiting for a fair trial. The goal is to explain the mission of ending torture as an investigative tool and to get as many people as possible informed about this. So, make a template letter and get people to support the mission by signing the letter. An example of this letter will be available online soon!