What you can do

As a Justice Advocate, there are several activities you can undertake under the IBJ Youth Initiative. Whichever activities you choose, your contribution is crucial in the fight for access to justice:

Fundraise for IBJ

Are you passionate about access to justice and want to help spread the message about the need for better human rights safeguards in justice systems? Support lawyers working at the front-line of preventing abuses by raising funds through a sponsored charity run, a formal event, a charity auction, or a student variety show. Remember, your primary goal is to get others interested in access to justice and to raise awareness about IBJ’s work and mission.

Form a Club/Society

What better way of raising legal rights awareness than founding a new society on your campus? You can host debates about human rights, access to justice, and prison conditions throughout the world. These can be complemented by fundraising events to have a wider impact.


Online platforms help people learn more about what we doing while raising funds for a good cause. For more information on how to kick start a CrowdRise campaign for IBJ, go to: http://www.crowdrise.com/online-fundraising.

Conduct Legal Research (University level)

Do you want to hone your research skills, learn more about national legal frameworks, and see your work published on a globally recognized platform?

IBJ is always looking for social science and law students to contribute to the Criminal Defense Wiki, an online platform specifying national legal procedures. Inform IBJ which country want to research, upon completion, IBJ will review the content before publishing it online.

Start your own Youth Chapter

How to start a Youth Chapter?

Starting a Youth Chapter is easy, free and fun!

Are you supportive of IBJ’s cause? And do you want to stop torture as an investigative tool?

Are you motivated in becoming an international leader?

Are you creative and willing to take risks?

Do you want to meet international youth all around the world?

Then we are looking for YOU!

You can become involved in the IBJ Youth Initiative in 3 ways

  • by applying as an individual Justice Advocate,
  • by creating a Youth Chapter with friends, or
  • by applying to join an existing Youth Chapter.

Below, you can download the IBJ Youth Initiative toolkits and our application form!

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 3.10.38 PM

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 3.09.59 PM

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 3.12.16 PM

If you are interested in getting involved with IBJ through the Youth Initiative as part of an existing program at your school or university, please email us at youth@ibj.org.

After completing your application, IBJ will review it and send you an email confirmation of your registration as a Justice Advocate. You will then receive supporting materials that will serve as a guide for your work as a Justice Advocate.

Once you become a Justice Advocate:

  • You are expected to complete at least 3 activities, examples of which are detailed in the Toolkit.
  • At the end of the initiative, you will submit a report detailing your program to the IBJ Youth Initiative Coordinator.
  • IBJ will then send you a certificate of recognition, which you can add to your CV/resumé!

The most important things that YOU as a Justice Advocate will learn:

  • To take the first step towards a different world
  • To believe in your abilities
  • To share IBJ’s vision with others
  • To raise awareness
  • How to inspire people to join IBJ’s cause
  • How to become a spokesperson for IBJ