One of our 2008 JusticeMakers competition finalists, Bandita Thapa, is undertaking a major fundraising effort for the Women Foundation Nepal (WFN). WFN are looking to raise $ 2,000 for the launch of the new website which, complete with an online forum, aims to empower women leaders through creating networking opportunities. The forum is not exclusive to women, and will also be open to anyone who supports their case.

The website will also feature a sponsorship program, “Sponsorship with Objectives”, where potential funders will find details about how they can contribute to the delivery of skills-building training to impoverished women in Nepal. They are asking for donations of $250, which is enough to sponsor the training of one woman.

One of the women who Bandita has identified as a beneficiary of the project is an epileptic mother of two who, having been left widowed, is the sole breadwinner of the family. The program targets the hundreds of thousands of other displaced women who, as a result of the decade-long internal conflict, have been left vulnerable and struggling to survive. If you are interested in this giving opportunity, please contact:

Bandita Thapa, The Women Foundation Nepal


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