We began working in Turkey in March 2021 through an EU supported project ‘Advancing Justice for Syrians in Turkey’ carried out in partnership with our local partner, Local Development Organization.

The program builds the legal advocacy skills of Turkish legal defenders and CSO leaders, provides legal aid to vulnerable Syrians and engages Syrian refugees through rights awareness.

Our Achievements:

Provided legal assistance to 65 vulnerable
Syrian refugees

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Reached 1.2 million Syrians through
rights awareness


Built the legal advocacy skills of over 446 lawyers through three training events organized in Gaziantep, Kilis and Sanliurfa.

Turkish lawyers

Established relationships with bar associations, local universities, law firms, a Syrian-led radio station, civil society organizations, and officials.

Our current project is advancing access to justice for Syrian refugees in Turkey and is being implemented in partnership with Local Development Organization. Through our program, we are providing impactful representation, spreading legal awareness, and building a Turkish legal community that can protect the legal rights of Syrian refugees. Read more about our Systems Change methodology.

The 2022 Turkish JusticeMakers Fellowship was a country-specific competition designed to support lawyers in Turkey so that they could advance justice for Syrian refugees.


The JusticeMakers Program searched for criminal defenders and legal professionals with innovative strategies to promote early access to justice for Syrian refugees. IBJ awarded 5 lawyers that use innovative methods to enhance access to justice for Syrians in Turkey.


Elif Kocaslan Gaziantep

Cumali Simsek Gaziantep

Hatice Savranlioglu Kilis

Esra Yurum Sanliurfa

Serhat Hicri Sanliurfa

Find each of their bios here!

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