Access to legal education is a cornerstone of increasing public defender capacity around the world. With these tools, IBJ aims to create a universal standard for defence practice.

IBJ DefenseWiki

IBJ DefenseWiki works as a quick reference tool for criminal law procedure around the world

Many lawyers in countries around the world still cannot find even the most basic resources such as penal and procedural codes. It is essential that those seeking to bring about systemic change are aware of current treaties, international human rights norms, local laws and the creative approaches to criminal defense.



The DefenseWiki Library offers over 1000 pages of content across the 7 languages of the UN, for 116 countries and counting… The site has been used over 20 million times to date, rising each year.

IBJ’s DefenseWiki brings codes, treaties, case law and other resources to lawyers throughout the world. The website is based on the same software as Wikipedia, and joins criminal defense practitioners, other lawyers and legal professionals, law students, and professors together from around the world to conduct research and develop cases with the most up to date resource materials possible.