This week IBJ Cambodia conducted a legal awareness discussion on the rights of prisoners for the detainees and prison officers in Ratanakiri’s provincial prison. Two sessions were held, once in the morning and again later that afternoon. At the second session, 20 prisoners attended, six of whom were women. There were additionally five prison guards, two of which were women, making it 52 participants in total. As part of IBJ’s Legal Aid outreach program, Rights Awareness Events are held frequently in an effort to educate the public on their basic rights within the criminal justice system.

IBJ a organisé une séance de sensibilisation juridique sur les droits de prisonniers pour les détenus et les fonctionnaires pénitentiaires dans la prison privinciale de Ratanakiri. Dans le cadre d’un effort visant à sensibiliser le public aux leurs droits fondamentaux, IBJ organise régulièrement les événements de sensibilisation juridique qui font partie de Programme de l’aide juridique d’IBJ.

និងសិទ្ឋិសម្រាប់អ្នកជាប់ពន្ឋនាគារ ដល់ជនជាប់ឃំុ និងមន្រ្តីពន្ឋនាគារ នៅពន្ឋនាគារខេត្តរតនគិរី ។








Photos generously provided by Sophoes Phon

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