In the early 2000s, following the collapse of the authoritarian regime of Suharto and Indonesia’s embrace of democratic governance, numerous socially progressive reforms were adopted. There were new laws protecting basic human rights, women’s rights, and ethnic rights. Yet those early gains have recently triggered a backlash from powerful anti-reform actors and a full-scale attack on the modest progress made in the past two decades. IBJ is responding to this through their recently launched project ‘Advancing Justice for Women in Indonesia Initiative (AJWI)’ which began in 2020.

Impact in Numbers

Being a Human Rights Defender (HRD) in Indonesia is a high-risk profession. HRDs, especially women, face threats, intimidation, arbitrary arrest and torture because of their work. IBJ launched their women’s program in 2020 in response to the numerous curtails on women’s freedom and social mobility and the difficulties that women lawyers face.  IBJ is aiming to change this.

  • 36,140 people reached through rights awareness campaigns
  • 200+ cases represented
  • 264 people provided legal representation
  • 9 roundtable events held
  • 223 justice sector stakeholders engaged in roundtable discussions
  • 133 justice sector officials trained through roundtables
  • 156 Indonesian lawyers trained
  • 2 in-country staff members
  • 1 dedicated Defender Resource Center
  • 6 Indonesia-specific legal eLearning modules created

Data as of June 7, 2022

Systems Change

Our current project in Indonesia is being implemented with the help of five local third-party organizations situated throughout Indonesia. LBH APIK Jakarta, LBH APIK NTT, LBH APIK Makassar, Women’s Crisis Center Jombang, and Yayasan Embun Pelangi Batam. They are all aiming to create an inclusive, equitable, fair and sustainable society through legal, structural and cultural changes. They are actively helping women who have suffered gender-based violence through training, awareness-raising campaigns and legal representation.

Defender Resources

We are planning on holding legal training seminars, creating e-Learning modules, hosting local and national roundtables, convening up to two national networking forums, holding rights awareness consultations in detention facilities, and organizing a JusticeMakers Fellowship for women HRDs. All of these events and activities will allow us to support and strengthen Indonesian civil society leaders and human rights defenders to promote the rights of women in conflict with the law and end gender-based violence within the criminal justice system.

  • DefenseWiki – references, legal codes, and assessments
  • eLearning Modules– in-depth and topic-focused training (login required).

What we need

There are many ways to get involved, to help make a long term difference. Please get in touch.