Meet our IBJ Youth Initiative in Thailand!

In Thailand, a young visionary launched an innovative project to transform the lives of incarcerated youth.


Nita Chen

"Using 'Choose Your Own Adventure' technology to educate youth about the criminal justice system," 2020

Nita Chen

Thailand, 2020

Nita Chen is a student in Bangkok, Thailand, with a lifelong interest in illustration, animation and storytelling. Nita is drawing upon her creative passions to engage the youth in human rights and to improve juvenile justice in Thailand and globally. This project involves the creation of a ‘Choose your own adventure game app’ where users role-play a juvenile going through the justice system in Thailand. Alongside her brother, who is a specialist in coding, Nita will develop this game to engage youth in Thailand and globally, and to provide perspective into the realities of criminal justice systems for youth in conflict with the law.