The New Times (Kigali)
By Moses Gahigi

International Bridges to Justice (IBJ), a Geneva-based firm, yesterday officially entered into a partnership with the Ministry of Justice and the Kigali Bar Association in a ceremony held at the ministry’s headquarters in Kimihurura.

The project seeks to promote awareness on human rights issues among Rwandans, and to provide legal services to different categories of people.

The function was attended by among others IBJ Chief Executive Officer, Karen Tse, the firm’s Deputy Director, Jean Amabile and the president of the Kigali Bar Association, Gatera Gashabana.

The Assistant Attorney General in charge of Legal Aid and Human Rights, Jacqueline Bakamurera, represented Justice Minister Tharcisse Karugarama.

The partnership is intended to strengthen joint efforts geared towards promoting legal aid services and instruments like advocacy and legal education.

“We have been appreciating the work done by IBJ, and this partnership is going to greatly step up our activities of reaching out to as many people in our sensitisation campaigns and legal aid provision,” observed Gashabana.

Bakamurera thanked the IBJ for their role in the promotion of human rights and legal aid to the disadvantaged people.

“This partnership is a huge boost in the provision of social justice at all levels of the country,” she added.

“We are extremely happy to partner with the Government in this noble cause of educating the public about human rights and providing legal aid services,” Karen Tse said.

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