On March 22nd, IBJ Founder and CEO Karen Tse delivered a speech, “Transformation and Liberation: Rising Up From Fear to Hope”, as part of the Syracuse University Lecture Series in Syracuse, New York.

The speech focused on IBJ’s successful model that dramatically reduces torture and other human rights abuses in criminal justice systems around the world.

“The biggest obstacle that I see today is our own inability to believe in the possibility and the hope for a future where there is a torture free world,” Tse said. “We can do this by putting building blocks together and creating infrastructure in these countries.”

After the lecture, Hanna Richardson, Associate Deputy Director of the Honors Program, taught the full-house crowd  a song in support of torture victims around the world. “We are going, heaven knows where we are going, we’ll know we’re there. We will get there, heaven knows how we will get there, we know we will.”

“The only thing we need to do to save this world is to allow ourselves to hear the cries of the world to save these people,” Tse said. “If we can see the seas of hope, if we can see it and we can believe it, then we can create another tomorrow.”

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