«  Helping those affected by HIV/Aids gain respect, rights and values in their society is a wonderful thing ».

Christian Zarweah, IBJ’s 2012 Fellow from Ganta, Liberia continues his massive awareness program across the region on the legal rights of people living with HIV/Aids.

On April 13thand 14th, the Defence Team and volunteers carried out awareness and education campaigns on the legal and equal rights of all citizens, including those affected by HIV/Aids. Several people were invited to speak during the event. Councilor Julius Monluo, the District Attorney of the region, spoke on the rights of all citizens including those affected by HIV/Aids. Christian Zaeweah spoke about the moral and legal responsibilities of all citizens to defend those affected by HIV/Aids. He particularly emphasized the role of communities in ensuring that affected people are respected and protected. This campaign covered over two hundred communities and was broadcasted in the different local languages to increase awareness.

This program is part of the larger project that Christian Zarweah is running with the help of IBJ to train attorneys and volunteers to better defend people living with HIV/Aids within Liberia’s criminal justice system. Mr Zarwaeh wants to improve the poor conditions of detainees suffering from HIV/Aids, many of who languish in prison or pre-trial detention because they do not have access to an attorney to plead for their legal and healthcare rights.

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