As lawyers, we often take for granted both our education and the resources we used to qualify and now employ in practice. JusticeHub is the platform for country-tailored online legal resources and handbooks that will give hundreds of thousands of under-resourced lawyers in less developed legal systems the tools they need to succeed, to raise global defender standards.

What We Can Accomplish

IBJ is scaling up its Lawyer2Lawyer program through JusticeHub—IBJ’s online solutions marketplace. JusticeHub is a forum that enables lawyers around the world to connect with access to justice advocates and collaborate in real time. Members can form work teams, create legal tools, chat, initiate campaigns and join micro-trainings. Beyond just supporting lawyers, access to JusticeHub also unlocks IBJ’s extensive eLearning and COVID-19 resources—key training tools for raising defender standards worldwide. Join us on JusticeHub to create a Country DefenseWiki page, an eLearning Course, or a Defender Manual.

Benefits for Participating Law Firms

Partnering with us on JusticeHub is a win-win for your organization and IBJ. Enrich and deepen your organization’s connections with your own countries of interest by helping achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16: Promoting Just, Peaceful and Inclusive Societies.

  1. Transformative Work. Lawyers in the poorest and most remote regions of the world desperately need access to the knowledge you take for granted. Help build the skills necessary for local defenders to protect their clients’ rights under the Rule of Law
  2. Skill Development. For young lawyers, working on JusticeHub is an incredible learning opportunity to develop transferable skills. From researching human rights to writing Defender Manuals, each aspect of every project on JusticeHub hones indispensable skills.
  3. High-Level Networking and Expansion. Build contacts with your chosen country’s government, bar association, and lawyers. These networking opportunities will prove invaluable as your organization expands its business around the world.

JusticeHub Projects

Join us on JusticeHub to create a Country DefenseWiki page, an eLearning Course, or a Defender Manual. Please submit the expression of interest form, and we will follow up with you. Or contact the JusticeHub Team to find out about other solutions to work on across the world.