IBJ is pleased to announce that Mr. Astère Muyango, a clinical legal aid expert, has been recruited as IBJ’s Burundi Fellow.

Astère holds a Bachelor of Law from the Law University of Burundi. Astère brings more than 5 years of experience in legal assistance and project management to IBJ. His most formative experience was as Assistant Coordinator of the Clinical Legal Aid Project of the International South African-based non-governmental organization ACCORD (African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes), where he delivered capacity-building to grassroots organizations, provided legal counsel to vulnerable groups and managed partnerships with other legal aid providers in the country. Building on his expertise in legal assistance and his strength in NGO management, Astère will provide the on-the-ground leadership to IBJ’s Burundi program. He will contribute to refine the program’s strategic goals, coordinate the main activities of the program and cement strong working relationships with the local partners.Welcome to the IBJ family, Astère!

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