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IBJ awarded an extraordinary group of young individuals to implement change in their communities, aiding children in conflict with the law. 29 Youth Justice Champions launched projects in 11 countries in 2020, and 22 Youth Charter defenders launched projects in 7 countries in 2023.
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Map of our Youth Justice Charter Defenders. Click on one of the markers to see more info about them.

Our Impact in 2020

The Youth Champions initiative, launched in 2020, have delivered:

  • Provision of legal aid to 10 children in pre-trial detention, some for over a year. All have now been released.
  • Met with incarcerated minors three times a week in Douala Central Prison.
  • Providing assistance in the Douala town tribunal 4 times a week
  • Facilitating educative and rehabilitative discussions with incarcerated children
  • Thanks to their intervention 10 children have been released and are able to return to school and their families, they are also promoting a change in culture in Doulala to one that values rehabilitative justice, and supports second chances.

Youth Justice Charter Defenders 2023

In 2023, the Youth Justice Charter Initiative was launched. Written by youth for youth, IBJ’s Youth Justice Charter demands that every child around the world has essential legal and human rights outlined in the document’s 10 articles. 22 Youth Charter Defenders have been empowered and are working on projects to implement the charter globally.

Countries with youth projects

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various ways to support our mission. If you’re looking to make a financial contribution, consider donating to our cause. For students in schools or universities, we encourage you to become Youth Justice advocates! Starting a Youth Charter Chapter is an impactful way to make a difference, and it’s easy, free, and fun. For more details click here.

For access to the Youth Justice Charter, click here.

For any further inquiries or specific requests, please email us at youth@ibj.org. We’re here to assist you!