On Tuesday, September 22nd, The Committee for Social Justice – JusticeMaker Ram Kumar Bhandari’s organization – as well as SANGYA (another NGO based in Kathmandu) collaborated to host a discussion on the review of Nepal’s transitional justice process.  The meeting was held at the Centre for Constitutional Dialogue in Kathmandu and many people from national and international NGO’s as well as victim’s families attended the meeting.  This meeting, the first of its kind since the peace agreement was signed in 2006, was very important due to the current state of the movement for information regarding the whereabouts of disappeared citizens.  Families have been waiting many years for answers about their loved ones and despite many promises, no information has been disclosed by State or Maoist forces.  Ultimately the participants reached the conclusion that its time for the government to take the necessary steps towards investigating the disappearances, starting with the formation  of the disappearance commission that has been promised for the past three years.


Ram Bhandari

Ram Bhandari




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