It’s been more than a month since the IBJ fundraising team launched our Human Rights Day Campaign on the fundraising site In less than a week, we’ve created more than one hundred and fifty individualized fundraising pages for past staff, interns and supporters of IBJ.

We hoped to create a chain reaction by having the fundraisers send their own page to interested friends, families and contacts.There are five more weeks to go before the end date – December 10, 2009 – the 61st anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and our razoo fundraising efforts has been encouraging so far. To date, our fundraisers have raised more than $8000! However, since a generous donor has agreed to match every dollar we raise up to $125,000, we can still do a great deal more to up the fundraising effort.

Please help IBJ raise the crucial funding we need in order to prevent human rights abuses all over the world! Change cannot happen overnight, but with your help, we will move one step closer to supporting advocates who fight against injustice. Donate by December 10 and help International Bridges to Justice build a strong support network to create a more just world. We are very grateful for your support! Follow this link to donate:

~Quinnie, Tim and Ryan (IBJ Fundraising Team)

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