12 Countries and 30,000 lawyers

Since 2000, International Bridges to Justice has been developing and expanding its support and tools for defenders of justice and human rights worldwide. At present we maintain permanent programs in twelve countries, and have cooperation with governments across more than 85 countries. Through these country programs, we have been able to train police and prosecutors, empower defense lawyers, and genuinely change the manner in which criminal justice systems operate.

A Digital Platform network

We offer a wide range of training manuals, country assessment and scorecard tools, and other resources, all accessible to lawyers everywhere through IBJ’s e-learning program. We bring this global community together through our online platform, to provide essential legal information on due process rights, enabling those accused of crimes to report violations of their human rights at any stage, from arrest to trial.

Our Criminal Defense Wiki brings case law, codes, treaties, and other resources to lawyers in developing countries throughout the world and has been accessed by millions. At the end of 2019, our e-learning program and Criminal Defence Wiki has had 15,276,212 interactions demonstrating the crucial need for these resources world wide reaching a total of 106 countries.

We also support our JusticeMakers online network, through which we select defender activists and provide them with seed grants as well as a support network empowering them to undertake projects such as rights awareness campaigns, multi-stakeholder dialogues, and defense bar trainings. To date, IBJ’s JusticeMakers have included individuals from 37 countries including Colombia, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Afghanistan.