Meet our IBJ Youth Initiative in Pakistan!

In Southern Asia, a young visionary from Pakistan launched an innovative project to transform the lives of incarcerated youth.

Nimra Shahid

"Second Chances," 2020

Nimra Shahid

Pakistan, 2020

Nimra, 22, is a student from Karachi, with experience promoting and supporting youths involvement in the betterment of society. Her project aimed to raise awareness among juvenile justice stakeholders, specifically juveniles about their rights provided in the Juvenile Justice System Act of 2018 (JJSA), and to develop an implementation plan of JJSA, with collaboration with Juvenile Justice stakeholders, to propose a risk assessment plan for juveniles arriving in police stations in Karachi. She accomplished meeting with the High Court Judge, producing and distributing a "Child Courts Handbook," and highlighting the ened for mental health support among female detainees.