Meet our IBJ Youth Initiative in Syria!

In the heart of the Middle East, a young visionary from Syria is launching an innovative project to transform the lives of incarcerated youth.

Alaa Husein

"Save me, I'm not a Criminal," 2023

Alaa Husein

Syria, 2023

Youth Justice Charter, Article 4, 7, and 10

The ongoing conflict and subsequent displacement in North-West Syria have led to a grave injustice: children above the age of 10 are being prosecuted as adults and detained with them in prison. Alaa Husein, a passionate advocate for children’s rights, has taken the initiative to challenge this injustice in the region known as the Euphrates shield. Her project, titled “Save me, I’m not a Criminal,” aims to lobby for the establishment of special courts for juveniles and the creation of corrective facilities within existing prisons, separate from adult areas. These corrective facilities would not only provide psychological care and family visitation rights but also promote education, professional training, and support hobbies. Alaa is working to transform the judicial treatment of children in Syria, emphasizing that they should not be stigmatized as criminals but provided with opportunities to grow and learn, securing the future of a free Syria.