DR Congo Team

NE 031, avenue Michombero-Kadutu, Bukavu, R.D.Congo

charles-mupendaCharles Mugaruka Mupenda – Country Coordinator

Charles holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights from Pierre Mendès-France University in partnership with the Catholic University of Lyon’s Institute of Human Rights (IDHL), an M.A. in Clinical Criminology from Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, and a B.A. in Public Law from the Catholic University of Bukavu. A defense counsel for tribunals of the Bukavu Court of Appeal since November 2007, Charles has also been an assistant at the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Bukavu since 2010. After working as an intern and as a consultant for the ILO in Geneva in 2012 and 2015 in the area of employment discrimination, Charles has since 2015 worked for Amnesty International as a Trainer-Consultant within the Human Rights Capacity-Building Programme.

As the DRC country coordinator, Charles brings with him extensive knowledge and experience in the area of human rights and legal assistance. Implementing IBJ’s new program in the DRC from Bukavu, he is responsible for setting up a model for the provision of legal assistance, organizing roundtables and rights awareness campaigns, working on IBJ’s partnerships on the ground, implementing strategies to eliminate circumstances that lead to torture, and strengthening rule of law in the DRC.