To increase membership in the JusticeMakers online community, Tahir and the Legal Rights Forum (LRF) have started advertising by distributing JusticeMakers cards at the Karachi Bar Association and other district bar associations. They have reported a positive response from young and more senior lawyers alike, and are excited at the prospect of having dedicated and determined individuals contributing their professional skills to our cause.

In addition, the LRF have prepared posters to inform the public on juveniles’ rights, specifically the mechanism of accountability under the Juvenile Justice System Ordinance 2000 which is intended to end torture of juveniles in prisons. Conscious of the credibility that ties with international organizations lend, the LRF have put an International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) and JusticeMakers logo on the poster. The posters are being displayed at police stations, and target not only police officers but also visitors and detainees.


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