As part of the first public event held in IBJ’s new Beijing office, the
National Defender Resource Center ran a survey last week to evaluate and
improve IBJ’s eLearning modules. As part of the process, five lawyers
from various law firms, as well as one law student from a local Beijing
University, came to the office to view a selection of modules, and then
reply to several survey questions developed by IBJ.

The lawyers started to trickle in around 10:30 in the morning, and were
put to work reviewing modules at 11. It took the participants around an
hour to finish the modules and written surveys. Afterwards, we all sat
down together to eat and share impressions. During the event, the
lawyers responded to questions, asked several of their own, as well as
posed their ideas, critiques, and recommendations for the eLearning

A Collection of Lawyers and IBJ Staff

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Though there is always room
for improvement, participants believed that the information on the
modules is both accessible and valuable for law students and lawyers,
alike. In addition, the modules are presented in an intuitive and
user-friendly manner, making it both entertaining and informative.

eLearning Survey Lunch Discussion

As the goal of the survey was to glean some new ideas to develop and
improve IBJ’s eLearning modules, it was an overwhelming success. The
lawyers had several valuable recommendations to both improve the modules
already on our website, as well as ideas pertaining to new topics for
future modules. We are already hard at work putting their good ideas to
Over the week, IBJ held similar events in our Xi’an and Wuhan offices.

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