Youth for Youth Justice

1 million children are detained of their liberty every day, many destined to spend the most crucial years of their lives living in inhumane conditions, often for petty or non-existent crimes.

Youth for Youth Justice (Y4Y) is a new initiative formed in 2019, that connects youth globally, improves juvenile access to justice, and fights to end the mass incarceration of children.

IBJ Youth have:

  • Provided 258 minors with psychological, social and legal support
  • Formed 31 Youth Clubs on Juvenile justice in 12 countries
  • Organized 36 workshops and conferences
  • Gained the release of 25 child detainees
  • Created a youth movement of over 400 youth across 5 continents
Our network strives to empower young people worldwide to create real change and combat injustice in their communities.

Prince Charles and members of his youth chapter in Nigeria campaigning against violations of children’s rights in Nigeria and producing videos and jingles

Marcelline Witonze in Burundi with her youth justice chapter

Judith Tumaini speaking on Burundian national radio about rights awareness amongst juveniles

Kriti Khatri conducting a rights awareness session inside a juvenile observation home in India

Burundi Youth Champion Dorcas's project supports incarcerated girls in Burundi.

“What inspires me is to see those girls smile when they are released.”

Dorcas Shabani, 22, Project 'Nina Haki.'

Pakistan Youth Champion Nimra's project supports women and girls in detention in Pakistan.

“We fight for the 80% of juveniles charged with bailable offences who remain in prison due to lack of legal assistance.”

Nimra Shahid, 22, Project 'Second Chances.'