Want to get involved in the global justice movement?

There are FIVE main pathways in IBJ’s Youth for Youth Initiative


First, there is the Youth for Youth Justice Competition

  • Launched in 2020, which selected applicants between 15 and 25 years from 3 continents and 12 countries. Our Y4Y Champions submitted impressive projects which will improve juvenile access to justice in their countries and end mass incarceration. Youth Champions engage in rights awareness, movement building, and enact policy change so that children do not spend the most crucial years of their lives living in inhumane conditions, often for petty or non-existent crimes.  Not currently accepting applications

Second, there is our High School Level Youth Chapter.

  • Youth and high school students can begin chapters that engage with their communities through human rights awareness events as well as connect with fellow youth activists globally. Our high school chapters have conducted successful fundraising events for the Y4Y Justice Champions, resulting in a global network that actualizes real change. Fill out an application here.

Third, there is our University Level Youth Chapter.

  • University students can build chapters based on five pillars: human rights awareness, research, fundraising, and networking. They conduct human rights awareness events and fundraising, but also can engage in volunteer legal research and connect with IBJ professional networks. Fill out an application here.

Fourth, there is a Law School Level Youth Chapter.

  • Law school chapters can conduct legal research on project such as IBJ’s defensewiki and e-learning modules. These projects help legal defenders in various countries access necessary resources about penal codes, trreaties, case law, and other materials. Professional networking opportunities with legal professionals around the world are also available. Fill out an application here.

Fifth, there is the Individual Volunteer Taskforce.

  • If you would like to participate in any of the above opportunities (conduct research, an awareness event or a fundraising event) individuals can apply as well! Fill out the form below with a description of your project or interest. Fill out an application here.