International Bridges to Justice began working in Turkey in March 2021 through an EU supported project ‘Advancing Justice for Syrians in Turkey’ carried out in partnership with our local partner, Local Development Organization. Our program builds the legal advocacy skills of Turkish legal defenders and CSO leaders, provides legal aid to vulnerable Syrians and engages Syrian refugees through rights awareness.

Impact in Numbers

As of September 2021, over 3.7 million Syrian refugees currently call Turkey home. The Syrian community is vulnerable to an ever-shifting social, political and legal landscape which fostered discrimination and emboldened hate speech. As a result, Syrian refugees are met with increasing hostility, and cases of deportations and unlawful detentions are on the rise.  Through our program, we are providing impactful representation, spreading legal awareness, and building a Turkish legal community that can protect the legal rights of Syrian refugees.

  • 160,000 + people reached through radio show rights awareness campaigns
  • 1 training planned with 150 lawyers from Sanliurfa Bar Association

Throughout the upcoming project we will:

  • Provide legal assistance to 500 vulnerable Syrian refugees
  • Reach 500,000 Syrians through rights awareness
  • Build the legal advocacy skills of 120 lawyers

Systems Change

Our current project is being implemented by our on the ground partner Local Development Organization, and together we have created strategic partnerships with Sanliurfa Bar Association, with whom we plan to host a training on refugee rights, and a relationship has been established with Gaziantep and Kilis Bar Association. Relationships are being established with local universities, law firms, Syrian-led radio station, and civil society organizations, and officials.

Defender Resources

We provide training, tools and manuals developed with our partners, funded by the EU, and resourced through pro-bono assistance. Our trainings are focused on refugee rights and best practices when defending refugee clients.



What we need

There are many ways to get involved, to help make a long term difference. Please get in touch.

This project is funded by the European Union