IBJ COVID-19 Defender Toolkit Quick Navigation Guide

  • When landing on the IBJ COVID-19 Toolkit page the user will observe a number of sub-folders in drop down order, with various different titles related to COVID-19.
  • The aim of this toolkit quick navigation guide is to provide a short description of the contents of each sub-folder for ease of user reference.

Subfolder Types and Descriptions:

[A] Activity resources for families of prisoners:

This folder contains numerous activity resources for families of prisoners – particularly in times affected by COVID-19. There are resources aimed at parents, prisoners, prisoners who have been released, partners of released prisoners, teenagers, older and young children.

[B] Checklists:

This folder contains a number of checklists related to human and due process rights in relation to COVID-19 as well as protocols, procedures and guidelines for prisons, correctional and other detention facilities in preventative and mitigatory response to COVID-19.

[C] Core human rights instruments:

This folder contains a number of core universal human rights instruments. The instruments remain crucially important for government officials, civil society, human rights defenders, legal practitioners, scholars, individual citizens and many others as regards international standards of human rights norms and standards – also during the COVID-19 pandemic.

[D] Country specific templates:

This folder contains a number of country-specific documents and correspondence from various of IBJ’s country programmes and insofar as it relates to positive steps taken in lights of COVID-19.

[E] COVID-19 and specific crimes:

This folder contains policy documents related to COVID-19 and its impact on specific crimes.

[F] COVID-19 and specific vulnerable populations within the criminal justice system:

This folder contains information on the protection and management of specific vulnerable populations within the criminal justice system from COVID-19 as well as the effects of the pandemic on such populations.

[G] COVID-19 resources in Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian:

This folder contains a number of Covid-19 related resources in languages other than English.

[H] Digital defender manuals:

This folder contains a number of IBJ criminal defender manuals in digital format. The manuals are country specific and designed for targeted application in the locations for which they were constructed. The content of these manuals contain various cross-cutting and interrelated issues insofar as due process rights are concerned and can be used complementarily with more recent literature and other resources concerning COVID-19.

[I] Further resources:

This folder contains a further number of COVID-19 and criminal justice related resources form diverse sources and includes advocacy and policy briefs, resource collection lists and links.

[J] General Templates:

This folder contains a number of legal templates and related litigation documents that can be utilized by legal practitioners and defenders in criminal justice processes and possibly, where suitable, other instances related to COVID-19. Topics includes motions for release, early release due to COVID-19, habeas corpus related to COVID-19 and petitions for release into non-custodial detention.

[K] In-cell activities:

This folder contains numerous downloadable and printable resources on various activities, exercises, physical and mental workouts for incarcerated clients to keep themselves busy and healthy during the COVID-19 crisis.

[L] Practical recommendations and good practice policy documents:

This folder contains a collection of recommended documents related to practical recommendations and good practice policy related to COVID-19 and criminal justice system responses.

[M] Technology usage in criminal justice proceedings during COVID-19:

This folder contains guidelines and recommendations, as well as practical instructions and checklists on how to optimally prepare for and utilize technology advancements in the criminal justice system during COVID-19.