Meet our IBJ Youth Initiative in Indonesia!

In the Southeast Asia, a young visionary from Indonesia is launching an innovative project to transform the lives of incarcerated youth.

Abigail A J Junginger

“Legal Protection for Children in Contact with the Law,” 2023

Abigail A J Junginger

Indonesia, 2023

Youth Justice Charter Articles 1 and 4

Aimed at providing legal protection for children in conflict with the law in Indonesia,

Abigail A J Junginger’s project focuses on collaboration with institutions such as the

child protection commission, legal aid organizations, and youth communities in

Jakarta. The initiative includes socialization activities targeting schools, children’s

prisons, street children, and orphanages, covering legal counseling on child

exploitation, juvenile detention, and children’s human rights. With specific targets

of reaching 80 children across different environments, the project embodies a

determined effort to empower children legally, ensuring their rights and dignity

within society.