Judging Criteria

Applicants for JusticeMakers Fellowships will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation. The project idea exhibits a creative and relatively new idea that will improve the protection of legal rights of accused people within the applicant’s respective country or local community.
  • Relevance. The project idea offers solutions to problems/challenges in respective legal systems in terms of implementation of the legal rights of accused people.
  • UrgencyThe project idea seeks to address problems that demand immediate attention.
  • Practicability. The implementation of the project idea is feasible and training support from Singapore will be a major factor in its sustained impact.
  • Efficacy. The project idea is focused and designed to produce the desired impact within a one-year time frame.
  • Collaboration. The project idea works jointly with domestic groups, institutions, legal workers, judges, prosecutors, police, prison officials, prison guards, and other individuals, etc. in accomplishing its goals.
  • Repeatable. The project idea shows a potential for being repeated and expanded.
  • Sustainability. The project presents funding and resource suggestions, which would allow the program to continue after the end of the initial award.
  • Inspiration. The project idea includes methods that inspire change and continue to improve legal systems even after the JusticeMakers award period ends.

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