The project idea works jointly with domestic groups, institutions, legal workers, judges, prosecutors, police, prison officials, prison guards, and other individuals, etc. in accomplishing its goals.

Further Explanation
The applicant has approached other organisations with similar goals and can produce complimentary work. The applicant demonstrates an excellent understanding of the legal framework, policies, and procedures and ability to work well within it. The applicant is able to discuss and work in unison with other participants in the legal system including government and non government. The overall project does not conflict with the legal environment and conforms with the law.

Projects that scored highly exhibited these qualities
Applicants that showed the ability to work with other groups, particularly those that have already approached and have a good working relation with other activist groups.

Examples of projects that scored highly
1) Project that proposes justice for juveniles with linked support from the national bar association and public education 2) paralegal inmate project that works in agreement with the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and extensive collaboration with jail officials.

Projects that scored poorly exhibit these shortcomings
Projects that work in conflict with other legal workers, have an inability to coordinate goals with other players, and a poor understanding of the legal framework. Projects that did not explain how they will coordinate with other members in the legal system, or have shown no initiative in contacting other groups with the same goals.

Examples of projects that scored poorly
A project to fight arbitrary detention but the application shows no evidence of negotiating support from organisations needed for success.