The project idea includes methods that inspire change that continue to improve legal systems even after the JusticeMakers award period ends.

Further explanation
The project idea is sound, and likely to influence and propel change in its community and elsewhere. The project is one that stands up for legal rights, and combats disillusionment. The project clearly articulates how it plans to overcome its obstacles against the odds. Projects that show inspiration have the ability to engage and encourage others in the community, and increase involvement in the issue at hand. This includes having the ability to create awareness of the problem. The project is likely to foster debate and thought on how to best solve the problem.

Projects that scored highly exhibited these qualities
This is a new judging category, however projects that judges had mentioned as potentially inspirational were ones likely to impact many people, projects that seemed likely to overcome major challenges, and projects that seemed well organised and efficiently managed.

Projects that scored poorly exhibited these shortcomings
The project idea is unlikely to raise awareness, or stand out in its community and on an international level.

Projects that are likely to score poorly in this category are ones that are unlikely to be successful in the long term and are unable to publicize their accomplishments, and ones that are unlikely to reach out to other organisations. The project is also unlikely to impress upon a wide audience.