The project presents funding and resource suggestions to allow the program to continue after the end of the initial award

Further Explanation
Projects with high sustainability are able to show that it has the ability to endure, and explain how it will support itself in the long term. Particularly the project should be able to explain how it will be able to maintain funding after the $5000 prize has expired.

Projects that scored highly exhibit these qualities
Projects with a well constructed budget, a well thought-out plan to find other funding sources, and/or projects that are efficient and do not require a lot of extra funds to work.

Examples of projects that scored highly
Project that seeks to submit proposals to funding agencies with similar goals, and have included a comprehensive list of those agencies.

Projects that scored poorly exhibit these shortcomings
Projects that rely heavily on staff and/or volunteers without explaining how they will be compensated or projects that have limited human resources. Inefficient projects that are unlikely to continue as a result of poor planning, lack of resources, and poor foresight.