The project idea seeks to address problems that demand immediate attention.

Further Explanation
The problems are severe, compelling and imperative.  The applicant can demonstrate that the problem is serious, imminent, and necessary to solve.

Projects that scored highly exhibit these qualities
The applicant demonstrates an excellent understanding of the problems that face their legal system, and have undergone rigorous research into the effects and extent of that problem.

Examples of projects that scored highly
Projects that hold surveys, or have access to other reliable and up to date data that illustrates the extent of the problem.  A project that sets out a strong case for supporting the provision of legal aid to juveniles that describes that: hundreds of children are languishing in various jails in Pakistan where they are exposed to malnutrition, poor medication, with little concept of education and without legal aid; due to poor systems including the Juvenile Justice System.

Projects that scored poorly exhibit these shortcomings
The project fails to address the most critical problems in the criminal justice system.Projects have a poor assessment of the fundamental causes of the weak judicial system.  Projects that do not address a specific problem, or fail to explain the problem also scored poorly.

Examples of projects that scored poorly
Project that seeks to improve access to justice, but failed to answer who the project was intended to help in any detail, and included no indication of the urgency of the problem.