The project idea is focused and designed to produce the desired impact within a one-year time frame.

Further Explanation
Projects that clearly articulate how the action plan will address the fundamental root causes of the problem. Efficacy entails explaining clear project activities and planning out an effective way to evaluate the success rate of those activities. Efficacy also means there must be a clear explanation of the link between the project activities and how they will address this problem.

Projects that scored highly exhibit these qualities
The project showed clear methods for assessing the success rate of their activities, and measuring the effectiveness of each activity in reaching the overall goal. This entails a good assessment of how to achieve the goal. Proponent has good understanding of how their proposal will work within its environment.

Examples of projects that scored highly
Campaign project to strengthen community justice, and create a common network between activists, listed numerous activities that are clearly linked to the project goal such as creating workshops, raising media awareness, and regular monitoring of the district court.

Projects that scored poorly exhibit these shortcomings
The project description is too vague and the proposed activities are not well explained. The project lacks focus in terms of how the activities will lead to the outcomes. Although the objective may be a good one, the project’s action plan may be too complicated, or has not considered all the variables. Projects that have scored poorly have an obscure link between the project’s activities and goals. Alternatively the project may have included no procedure to measure the success of its activities.

Examples of projects that scored poorly
Project that aimed to raise consciousness for the accused of their rights as the only objective that did not address how they will evaluate their activities.