The implementation of the project idea is feasible and training support from IBJ will be a major factor in its sustained impact.

Further explanation
An application with strong practicability is one that clearly outlines how it is capable of reaching its goals within the available means. This entails 1) an excellent understanding of the mechanisms available to the applicant 2) awareness of the main challenges to their project 3) what they will need to accomplish as a team leader, and how support from IBJ can help them in this regard.

Projects that scored highly exhibit these qualities
Applicants that scored highly on practicability outlined a clear set of goals, and an understandable step by step approach to how they will accomplish those goals. In particular applicants specified the mechanisms available to them (including resources such as budget limitations, staff, other organisations they will coordinate with, as well as knowledge of the legal framework of their project, and opportunities to implement the project), and outlined how they will reasonably use these mechanisms to implement their project. Applicants should show awareness of what the main challenges to their project are and how they will realistically overcome these challenges. Applicants who scored highly also have an awareness of the challenges of being a project leader, and know which skills they would particularly like to develop through training support from IBJ.

Examples of projects that scored highly
1) The application described the development of a juvenile justice system by isolating the issues and targeting the best approach for each one (for example: gathering statistics and developing databases before establishing training institutions) 2) Organizing a pool of inmate paralegals by:  meeting with the Bureau of Jail Management and signing an agreement with them, selecting the inmates to be paralegals with their help and training the paralegals for three months.  3) A project that is supported by the local bar association and includes public education and legal aid.

Projects that scored poorly exhibited these shortcomings
Projects that tried to accomplish too many goals at once, with an obscure or impractical procedure plan.

Examples of projects that scored poorly
Project to assist marginalized populations to receive aid, but the activities are not well explained and lack focus. The applicant uses vague language such as: “ a criminal justice system should be the underpinning of society, and create equality for all.” *not an exact quote