Enricah Dulo, Kenya

About Enricah

Enricah Dulo is currently practicing at her own law firm, E. Dulo & Associates Advocates, in Nairobi. She is a founding secretary of the Kenya Lady Law Firm Practitioners Society and has served as a pro bono advocate at the Nairobi Children’s Court for five years. Previously, Enricah worked as a Program Manager at The Children Foundation and as the coordinator of the Access to Justice Project in Kenya for the Canadian Bar Association. In 2020, she conducted three online projects that reached 100 advocates.

The Challenge

In Nairobi, the lack of legal representation for women often forces them to plead guilty to avoid expensive fines or the risk of a long prison sentence. Consequently, detained women frequently end up with a permanent criminal record.

The Innovation

Enricah’s project targeted women arrested by Nairobi City County officers and aimed to address the lack of legal representation for women. Similar to her national AA2J counterparts, Enricah established a national chapter of 10 women lawyers committed to providing pro bono legal representation to women in conflict with the law. Despite challenges related to COVID-19 and difficulties in being recognized as a legitimate provider of pro bono legal aid, the project succeeded in gaining acknowledgment at the Nairobi City Court. The AA2J chapter became the first group of advocates to provide legal aid to those charged before this court. By the end of the project, AA2J-affiliated lawyers had represented 218 accused women and girls, and more offenders were informed of their right to legal representation.