2021 Indonesian JusticeMakers Fellows

The 2021 Women JusticeMakers Competition is a country specific competition designed to support women lawyers in Indonesia. The JusticeMakers Program searched for criminal defenders and legal professionals with innovative strategies to promote criminal justice at national and local levels. IBJ awarded 10 women that use innovative methods to help justice systems adapt and mitigate the challenges that have arisen due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Ana Abdillah is the Director of the Women’s Crisis Center in Jombang and a dedicated advocate for women’s rights in Indonesia. Her project, “Building a Gender Justice Perspective in the Integrated Criminal Justice System for Legal Protection for Women Dealing with the Law,” aims to address the need for legal assistance among women who face discrimination in the criminal justice system. Ana’s initiative focuses on organizing legal rights campaigns, mobilizing volunteers to provide pro bono legal aid, and conducting legal consultations for women. Through these efforts, Ana seeks to improve the legal protection and support for women in conflict with the law, ensuring their rights are upheld and their voices are heard. Read More



Chicha Zaitun Elizabeth is a lawyer in Batam who handles criminal and civil cases, serves as a legal consultant for private schools and the Kepri Lawyer Club, and is active in PERADI and the Indonesian Christian Women’s Association. Chicha’s project, “Legal Aid and Education for Women as Victims and Perpetrators of Crime,” aims to raise awareness about the rights of women and children in the criminal justice system. By educating law enforcement officers and coordinating social services, Chicha seeks to protect the rights of female and child defendants. Her project includes legal consultations, pro bono legal aid, rights awareness events, workshops, and a radio campaign to reach and assist women in need. Additionally, she aims to establish a “One Stop Love” service in prisons to provide comprehensive support for incarcerated women. Read More



Ester Ahaswsty Day is a seasoned lawyer in Indonesia with over 20 years of experience. She co-founded LBH APIK NTT, a local NGO, where she coordinates the Legal Services Division, focusing on safeguarding the rights of women and children. Her project, “Legal Assistance, Gender Justice, and Women’s Leadership,” aims to increase awareness of legal rights and aid among women and children, ensure coordination between legal aid lawyers and law enforcement, and prevent human rights violations in prisons. Ester plans to provide pro bono legal consultations, conduct monitoring visits to detention centers, handle legal cases for women in conflict with the law, and organize legal clinics to educate participants about their rights and procedures for accessing legal aid. Read More


Joan Patricia Walu Sudjiati Riwu Kaho obtained her Master’s degree in Law from Nusa Cendana University in 2015 and became an advocate in 2016 to address the injustices faced by women and children within the legal system. Her project, “Assistance for Poor Communities (BPHN-UU Legal Assistance),” aims to increase awareness of legal aid for women, coordinate efforts among law enforcement, advocates, NGOs, and civil society to protect women, and ensure the rights of detainees are upheld. Joan plans to train paralegals, establish special posts for managing disability cases, and organize legal assistance training for people with disabilities. The project also seeks to sign MoUs with detention centers to ensure continued collaboration on legal aid for various vulnerable groups. Read More



Latifah Anum Siregar is the Director of the Democratic Alliance for Papua and holds a Master’s in Criminal Law from Universitas Cenderawasih. Her project, “Legal Assistance and Strengthening Access to Justice for the Community,” aims to address the lack of legal support for women, children, and indigenous people in Papua, where security threats and financial constraints hinder access to justice. Latifah plans to increase case investigations and advocacy, support paralegals in rural areas, and provide pro bono legal consultations to those in need. Her project includes legal consultation sessions, monitoring visits to detention facilities, and rights awareness events, reaching both individuals directly affected by legal issues and broader communities. Read More


Nofita Putri Manik, an advocate with over 12 years of experience, is leading a project to enhance legal and psychological support for women and children in Batam City. Her initiative, “Legal Assistance for Women as Victims and Perpetrators of Crime,” aims to improve access to legal aid and ensure women involved in the criminal justice system receive adequate representation and protection from abuse. The project will establish a network of volunteer lawyers and collaborate with counselors, with planned activities including detention center visits and a campaign to raise awareness about detainee rights and prevent gender-based violence. Nofita’s work aims to strengthen partnerships among legal and community organizations to better support women and children in the justice system. Read More



Nur Aida Duwila, Director of the Legal Aid Foundation of LBH APIK Jayapura, Papua, is leading the “Freedom for Women” project to address gender discrimination in the Indonesian legal system. With over 20 years of experience, she aims to improve the handling of cases involving women and children by increasing the representation of female officials within law enforcement and the judiciary. The project includes providing legal consultations to women and children, conducting visits to detention facilities, and organizing workshops and awareness campaigns to enhance understanding and transparency in the legal process. Nur’s initiative focuses on fostering gender-sensitive practices and securing better legal protections for victims of violence and abuse in Papua. Read More



Nurhikmah Kasmar, an advocate at LBH APIK Makassar, is leading the “Encouraging the Protection of Legal Rights for Women Dealing with the Law” project to tackle gender discrimination in legal proceedings. Her project aims to enhance legal assistance for women and children facing violence by fostering collaboration with government and law enforcement officials. Key initiatives include facilitating access to detainees, conducting legal consultations for women in conflict with the law, and organizing discussions for lawyers and human rights defenders. Additionally, Nurhikmah plans to hold an awareness event to educate the public on women’s rights and updates in criminal justice reforms. Read More




Siti Nur Faida Said, Coordinator of Legal Assistance and Services at LBH APIK Makassar, is leading the “Legal Services and Assistance Projects for Women and Children Dealing with the Law” initiative to address gender inequality in the criminal justice system. Her project aims to provide essential legal assistance to female prisoners and enhance legal rights awareness among advocates and law enforcement officials. Major elements of the project include setting up legal consultation booths at local police stations, conducting detention visits, and organizing seminars and discussions on legal reforms and gender-based violence. Moreover, Siti plans a radio campaign to boost public understanding of justice access for women and children in conflict with the law.  Read More


Tuani Sondang Rejeki Marpaung, a lawyer at the Legal Aid Foundation of the Indonesian Women’s Association for Justice (LBH APIK) Jakarta, is launching the “Bringing Access to Justice Closer to Justice-Seeking Communities” project. Her initiative aims to enhance legal rights awareness for women and children, ensure proper implementation of child protection laws, and prevent minors from being placed in adult detention centers. Key components of the project include creating a Memorandum of Understanding with Pondok Bambu Detention Center to facilitate training for detainees, establishing a new legal aid post, and collaborating with Probono Advocates to provide free legal consultations. Additionally, Tuani plans to conduct training sessions for legal professionals and launch a campaign video on juvenile justice, with outreach activities expected to impact over 4,000 individuals. Read More