2021 Indonesian JusticeMakers Fellows

The 2021 Women JusticeMakers Competition is a country specific competition designed to support women lawyers in Indonesia. The JusticeMakers Program searched for criminal defenders and legal professionals with innovative strategies to promote criminal justice at national and local levels. IBJ awarded 10 women that use innovative methods to help justice systems adapt and mitigate the challenges that have arisen due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Ana Abdillah

Project: “Building a Gender Justice Perspective in the Integrated Criminal Justice System for Legal Protection for Women Dealing with the Law”

The main objective of the project is to answer the need for legal protection that cannot always be accessed by women who are suspected and convicted of criminal acts. The long-term goal of this project is to increase access to justice for women dealing with the law by organizing women’s legal rights campaigns, sending legal representatives to provide a defense, and conducting legal consultations for women. Read More


Chicha Zaitun Elizabeth

Project: “Legal Aid and Education for Women as Victims and Perpetrators of Crime”

The project will raise awareness for the rights of women and children as both victims and perpetrators of criminal acts. It will educate and foster the commitment of law enforcement officers to uphold the rights of female and child defendants while ensuring coordination of social services to protect the accused.

The long-term goals of this project are to build confidence and awareness of law enforcement officers and lawyers to protect the rights of women and child defendants and to create a system of cooperation between justice sector stakeholders that is scalable and sustainable. Read More



Ester Ahaswsty Day

Project: “Legal Assistance, Gender Justice, and Women Leaderships”

This project will increase awareness of legal assistance, enable coordination between legal aid lawyers and law enforcement, and ensure that there are no human rights violations in prison.

Law enforcement does not fully understand the legal protections provided to financially disadvantaged people and women and children do not understand their rights. Therefore, this project will work with the Regional Police Department and the Regional Office of Law and Human rights to ensure all parties are aware of and comply with the rights afforded to women and children. Additionally, many women experience psychological violence during the police investigations process because victim-blaming questions are often used, and the police should change their interrogation tactics. Read More


Joan Patricia Walu Sudjiati Riwu Kaho

Project: “Assistance for Poor Communities (BPHN-UU Legal Assistance)” 

The short term goals of Joan’s project are to increase awareness of legal aid for women, coordinate efforts among law enforcement officers, advocates, NGOs, civil society, and victims to increase protection of women, and ensure that those temporarily held in detention centers are protected and do not have their human rights violated. The long-term goals of her project are for women and children to be able to access legal assistance for free and for there to be no more legal discrimination against women and children. Increasing the number of female law enforcement officers and educating law enforcement about the legal aid laws will improve the treatment of women and children in the legal system. Read More



Latifah Anum Siregar

Project: “Legal Assistance and Strengthening Access to Justice for the Community”

The objectives of the project are to increase the number of cases that are investigated, advocated, and monitored and increase the number of justice seekers assisted through litigation or settlement. The long-term goals are to protect the rights of women and children, indigenous people, and those who are economically disadvantaged and to increase cooperation among civil society groups working to ensure the enforcement of human rights in Papua. Read More




Nofita Putri Manik

Project: “Legal Assistance for Women as Victims and Perpetrators of Crime”

The project will expand the accessibility of legal aid and provide legal aid services for female perpetrators and victims of crime in Batam City. Ensuring that women are accompanied during the judicial process will decrease the risk of police violations, physical assaults, or torture. Increasing media coverage of these problems will improve the lack of public awareness of legal rights. Read More



Nur Aida Duwila

Project: “Freedom for Women”

This project will increase the availability of female officials within the police, public prosecutor’s office, and courts who understand gender equality. Additionally, the goal is to increase the transparency of the legal process from the police and prosecutor’s offices to the court to ensure that female and child perpetrators or victims receive legal protection in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in order to avoid creating fear and intimidation and obtain a fair court decision. Read More



Nurhikmah Kasmar

Project: “Encouraging the Protection of the Legal Rights for Women Dealing with the Law”

As a woman advocate, Nurhikmah has the legal expertise to provide assistance and minimize gender discrimination during the legal process. The objective of the project is to guarantee that women and children have access to legal assistance. This will ensure that discrimination is minimized. This can be accomplished through cooperation with the government and law enforcement officials to ensure women and children receive legal protection. Read More





Siti Nur Faida Said

Project: “Legal Services and Assistance Projects for Women and Children Dealing with the Law”

The objective of the project is to encourage the government and law enforcement officers to work together to provide protection for women, children, and members of other vulnerable groups while imprisoned. The short terms goals are to ensure that female prisoners receive legal assistance from lawyers and paralegals during the legal process and increase awareness of the law and human rights among female advocates, assistants, and other law enforcement officials.  Read More




Tuani Sondang Rejeki Marpaung

Project: “Bringing Access the Justice Closer to Justice-Seeking Communities”

The objectives of the project are for law enforcement officials to gain perspectives on the legal issues facing women and children and the ensure the implementation of the Child Special Assistance Institution (LPKA) and the Social Welfare Implementation Institution (LPKS) as required under the Law on Child Criminal Justice System.

The short-term goals are to increase awareness among women and children of their rights and the legal process. Additionally, the project aims to encourage the implementation of LPKS and LPKA and, if this is not possible, avoid placing children in adult-only detention centers. This will be done by encouraging law enforcement officials to cooperate with social services under the Ministry of Social Affairs during the guidance and detention periods of children facing legal charges. Read More